Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Session Albums

I recently had the McNicol Family order a session album, and thought to not only share their images, but to show everyone in cyber space what my albums look like. When you order a session album from me, I'm not driving to Wally World or Target and buying a $5 album to stuff your pictures into. I carefully order your portraits from a reliable online lab and showcase them in a leather album.

All albums come in a black presentation box that not only keeps your album clean and safe, but it's beautifully lined with satin fabric too!

Each album has a little window that peeks through to show off one image (usually, my favorite).

Each album is leather-bound and carefully constructed.

The inside is FABULOUS! I love how the black pages provide a solid border for each image!

So remember, when you purchase a session album, you're not just getting a plastic container. You're getting a memory keeper. And just in case you forgot, here are the prices (which are a fantastic deal, if you ask me!)

20 4x6 images $150
30 4x6 images $175
20 5x7 images $180
30 5x7 images $220
Or, if you would like to purchase a CD of all edited images with a session album featuring 20 4x6 images, the cost is $300.


Lindsi Jones Photography said...

Thats a nice looking album!

Kellis said...

oooh albums! Can't wait until I get mine! And its so nice that you are the one putting my pictures in there, otherwise, it would never get done...(hence the 220 images on my digital camera that I need to do something with) :)