Friday, February 27, 2009


Thursday, I took a day off from work (my self-proclaimed Mental Health Day) and took a day-trip to Gainesville, Florida with my photographer friend Lindsi. We went to the Butterfly Rainforest and had an amazing time there! I'm exhausted from our excursions, but I did want to post at least one image from our day. There will be plenty more to follow, as not only was I using a cool macro lens, but I was also able to use Lindsi's "old" 5D camera. The 5D body is a significant step up from my current 20D, and I hope to someday soon call one my own as well.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Sea

A co-worker brought me some starfish and told me to "work my magic" for a wall display in her home. I accepted the challenge and captured these images.

I then thought about my own beach-themed guest bedroom and thought to take shots of a few shells that I have laying around.

And, just for fun... a tribute to photographer friends. Which makes me want a macro lens extremely bad!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

She must have thought I was insane...

So... funny story yesterday. One of our co-workers received flowers that delivered for her birthday last week. Yesterday they finally opened, and man were they amazing. I had taken my lunch to work, so I had no intentions of leaving, but as I walked my her desk to the kitchen area my mind wandered as I looked at the beautiful bouquet of tulips.
After eating and getting a couple of things done, I couldn't stop thinking about the flowers... and how nice they'd look if I took pictures of them. (Yes, honestly, that's what was going through my mind.) I walked back to her desk and asked that if I went home and got my camera would she let me. She looked at me a little off, but said "Kelly, do whatever you want. I'm sure you'll make them more beautiful." So off I went! Here's the finished product.

I added a bit of texture to the image, which is something that I never do... but I thought that it would be appropriate to add a little moodiness to it! It's my favorite of the bunch, but here are a few others too.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Emma is getting a baby sister!

Saturday afternoon, I met up with the Barton Family for maternity portraits. The story of how they found me is pretty funny, because what I didn't realize is that I already knew them! Leslie was referred to me by a friend of hers and while she and her husband were looking at my blog, he discovered that he actually works with my husband at VSU. Small world, huh?
Because the campus of VSU has special meaning to the Barton's (they met during college) we chose to shoot there. I love when clients have a connection with our shoot location... it always seems to add a little more to the session.
My post title revolves around Emma because even though we were doing the shoot for her mom, she totally ran the show! She gave me a play-by-play of the shots that I should get, and even showed me her awesome ballet moves while her mom was changing outfits. :)
Here are some of my favorites from the session!

Barton Family, thanks for an entertaining afternoon! I can't wait for the arrival of Baby B and hope that we can set up a session when she comes. Be looking for an e-mail later this week with details on the rest of your session!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Makenzye is One!

I've been photographing the Spivey family for a few years now, and was so excited to shoot Makenzye's first birthday portraits this Saturday. It's hard to image that something THIS tiny is growing up fast!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Colten Christian

Yesterday afternoon I had a wonderful time hanging out with Colten and his parents. Colten was born on December 28, and his life story thus far has been amazing! Colten was adopted, and couldn't have chosen any better parents than Patty and Charlie, who have wished and prayed for a child for so long!
I'm hoping that as he grows, Colten and I will spend some more time together. He was so good, and allowed me to do all sorts of photographer posing things with him. :)