Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Browning Family

Sunday afternoon, the Browning Family and I got together in downtown Valdosta (are you noticing a trend?) I enjoy myself every single time I photograph Jason, Jaclyn, and Anna Grace... they hardly need direction, and let's face it, they're a beautiful family! Anna was absolutely mesmorized by the moving Christmas figurines, so I had to be creative in choosing my shooting spots (it's easier to move where kids look instead of trying to get them to look in the opposite direction).
I'm thrilled with how these pictures turned out, and I can't wait to see which one they use for their Christmas cards!

Mike & Katrina

On Saturday morning, I met up with our best friends, Mike and Katrina, for some Christmas card pictures. They're both from up north, so they wanted to try and find a location that was greenless so their families wouldn't make fun of them... so much for finding no green in South Georgia in December. :) We decided to meet up downtown, and I tried my hardest at avoiding grass and other indications that summer hasn't left.
I was also tickled when Katrina said they wanted to include a little message about their baby on their Christmas card... Katrina is expecting! She's due in May... which TOTALLY means that the Ellis baby will be flooding my blog when the time comes! :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Season starts now!

With Thanksgiving over, the Christmas season has officially begun! After finishing my Black Friday shopping this morning, I met up with the Abel family for some holiday pictures! Brian is a huge Tony Roma fan, so after doing the traditional pictures, the Roma jerseys came out for a quick portrait!

Turkey Day!


Okay, so they're not really rockstars... but these siblings ROCKED their session in downtown Valdosta last Sunday!
Leslie (older sister) and I have known one another for years, and recently got in touch with me about pictures. She said that her parents didn't have any recent pictures of her and her siblings, and wanted to arrange some portraits for a Christmas present. I jumped at the chance, as she's very photogenic and I was hoping that her brother and sister would be too! Let's just say that we shook Valdosta up! :)

The C Family

Last Sunday, I drove down to Gator Country to photograph Roger, Patty, and their two boys! I asked my husband if he wanted to go, but he declined. Being a Georgia fan, I completely understood. :)
Patty chose the most beautiful location, the meditation center at the University of Florida. The fact that they are a gorgeous family, and that the location was spectacular, definitely made the drive worth my while!

A Christmas Card Option:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bryan & Mia's Wedding

On Saturday, I had the great opportunity to assist Lindsi Jones ( at the wedding of Bryan & Mia. Perhaps my most favorite thing about being a second shooter was that I was able to focus on the details of the day... which was even cooler because they had the most beautiful flowers EVER!

The Ethridge Family

Saturday afternoon, I met up with Lane and her parents. Lane is adorable, and almost a year old... what a personality she has! She's such a cutie, and her parents are so sweet! When I was talking to her mom about pictures, I was super excited when she suggested I go out to their house. Sometimes it's overdoing it a little for me to shoot at the same locations again and again, so it was a welcomed change, and I felt like I get to a know a family better when I'm in their natural environment.
Thanks again, Ethridge family, for inviting me over and sharing some photographs!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm swamped!

Between the four sessions I had this weekend, the two I had last weekend, and the wedding I photographed THREE weeks ago (I'm almost done, I promise!!) I'm up to my eyeballs in pictures. Have no fear, though... they're all coming soon! As a timesaver, I'll just post one picture from each session this weekend. Once I do some more edited, everyone will have their own personalized post. Until then, this is what I've got:

The Ethridge Family

Mia & Bryan's Wedding

The Cox Family

Leslie & Siblings

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sara & Neal

Sunday afternoon, I met up with Sara, Neal, their dog Riley, and Sara's sister Amy. I know Sara from an online message board. We've met for lunch once and I was super happy to take holiday pictures for her.
We had a bunch of fun at VSU's north campus, which is a beautiful spot for pictures. I'm really surprised we didn't rain on anyone else's parade. I usually have to wait for another photographer to finish when I do shoots there!

Sara, Neal, Amy... here are a few sneak peeks from your session:

And a holiday card option!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

This morning, I drove down to Lake Park to visit Gentry and her parents. I love spending time with Gentry and this time was no different!
Gentry's mom bought the CUTEST costume for her to wear during our Christmas session, and I couldn't wait to get home to start the creative gears in my head to come up with the perfect card to showcase her pictures.

Here's one of the cards I've created.