Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mike & Katrina

On Saturday morning, I met up with our best friends, Mike and Katrina, for some Christmas card pictures. They're both from up north, so they wanted to try and find a location that was greenless so their families wouldn't make fun of them... so much for finding no green in South Georgia in December. :) We decided to meet up downtown, and I tried my hardest at avoiding grass and other indications that summer hasn't left.
I was also tickled when Katrina said they wanted to include a little message about their baby on their Christmas card... Katrina is expecting! She's due in May... which TOTALLY means that the Ellis baby will be flooding my blog when the time comes! :)

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Kellis said...

YAY! I love them!! I think my favorite is the one you put on the card...Thanks Kelly, for everything!