Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rachel & Chaz :: Married

Creative genes run wild in my family. We all have it to some extent. Rachel, my cousin, has an out-pouring of creative ability. And I love that about her. She makes jewelry. She paints. She teaches art to children. Incredible. Chaz is a fitness buff who is a personal trainer. Seeing his Facebook status each day makes me gain weight just reading how active he is... and reminding me of how active I am not. They met over seven years ago on the 4th of July, through mutual friends, and have consistently worked on building an incredible relationship. I love their love. Their quirky, fun, child-like (but so real) love.
I was honored to be asked by her to be her wedding photographer. When I spoke to her about her plans, my mouth gaped open when she spoke her wedding venue. Dave & Buster's. Yes, you read that correctly. The place where people go and play Skee Ball and go shopping with their hard-earned tickets.
The end of May couldn't have come fast enough, as I anxiously awaited for the wedding event of the century. When we got into town, the details all came together and I was able to see the vision that Rachel and Chaz had been creating for months. All of their loves came together in a juxtaposition of wedding awesomeness. You know... things like hand-made wedding jewelry (made by Rachel), bowls of Legos for table centerpieces, and a dinosaur for a cake topper.
You really need to see pictures, so I'll stop talking and just show you the awesomeness that I captured through my camera's lens.


Early this summer, my husband and I drove to Texas for my cousin's wedding. I'll be sharing their awesome story later tonight, but I wanted to share this one image I captured while driving down the road. {Okay, I wasn't driving down the road... my husband was, and I photographed along the way.}
For several years, I've been itching to find a tree in a large pasture that I could photograph. Everywhere I drive, I think about it and hope that I'll find it along my travels. While driving home from Texas, my husband said to me "Ooo, that tree is yours!" And I snapped. And it developed perfectly. The horses below are just an added bonus. I had it printed large, and I'm trying to find a spot for it in my house!