Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He did it...

... he graduated high school. I'm officially old. Officially old because I remember when he was born. I heard his first scream as he entered the world. I remember his phases growing up... Barney, the Power Rangers, his fascination with the Buffalo Bills NFL football team, his love of Japanese animation. And now he's an adult. Wow.

This weekend I took a trip up to Atlanta for his high school graduation. The event was at the hockey arena where the Atlanta Gladiators play. 700 graduates. Amazing. The entire bottom level seating was almost full. And the graduation itself was actually interesting! Amazing.

As the official photographer for the family (hahaha) I obviously brought my camera to capture Brian's big day. Here are my favorites from the collection... not only of the actual graduation, but the obligatory family pictures too. Goodness, I sound like a wedding photographer. :)

I managed to get a few portraits after his graduation party. I'm amazed that he actually cooperated. Usually he runs when I put my camera to my face... that, or gives me a funny face.

Brian and Mom

Brian and Yours Truly (the sweet picture)

The Real Sibling Picture

Brian and our grandparents

Brian, Mom, and Mom's fiance

Friday, May 22, 2009

Valdosta Junior Woman's Club - Woman of the Year

The 52nd Annual Woman of the Year Brunch was hosted by the Valdosta Junior Woman's Club on Saturday, May 16. Three women from the community were nominated by their participating volunteer organizations and were judged to receive this award. Rebecca Daniels was nominated by the March of Dimes, Leigh Ann Hogan was nominated by the Junior Service League of Valdosta, and Maggie Davis was nominated by Leadership Lowndes.

Not only were these women present, but several past winners of the Woman of the Year award were there too. It was overwhelming to be in the presence of such dedicated and amazing women! Leigh Ann Hogan was awarded the title of the 2009 Woman of the Year, and gave a wonderful speech about the importance of service in our community.

Here are some images I captured during the brunch. You may click on the image to view it larger.

If you are interested in reading more about this year's brunch, you can read an article printed in the Valdosta Daily Times. Or, you can get more information about the Valdosta Junior Woman's Club here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Krista is 4 months old!

I love families that "get" photography. I love that I get e-mails from families months in advance telling me not to forget a session coming up. I love seeing Facebook updates of families saying "pictures in an hour with Kelly... I'm so excited". I love families who are excited about photography!

The M family is this kind of family, and I love them for it! When Baby Krista was born they bought my Bloomin' Baby package which includes 4 sessions during a baby's first year, a complimentary maternity session, and an album showcasing images from all five sessions. So, I was super excited when Krista's mom and I started talking about Krista's four-month pictures.

When I got to their house Sunday morning, I saw the coolest thing ever and was excited that they wanted pictures of Krista inside of it. Krista's grandfather made a cradle for her... brought it here to Georgia, both grandpa and dad helped put it together, and stained it to match her crib. Amazing work! Here are some of Krista in her cradle:

M told me that Krista has been doing very well on her tummy lately, so I couldn't wait to capture some bobble-head action pictures of her. I was amazed at her head control, and couldn't resist sharing some of the images.

Then we did my favorite part... diaper pictures! There's something so sweet about chunky legs and belly buttons.

After a bunch of playing, Krista was knocked out. She looks like a baby-doll to me here.

And finally, a cute family shot. We were afraid to move Krista so we wouldn't wake her up, so mom and dad moved to her. :)

Thanks again, M Family, I had a fun time with you as always. See you in a few months!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2nd Annual Boudoir Marathon

Last year, four ladies joined me for a "Celebrating Beauty" boudoir marathon session. I had the most amazing time, and so did the ladies (and their husbands). Here are some of the reactions I got:
"You made me feel beautiful in my own skin... thank you."
"I knew she was beautiful, but WOW." (husband of a client)
"You were incredibly professional and made me feel as ease during our session."

This year, my hopes are to go bigger and better. Since the addition of my new albums, I can't wait to see how beautiful the boudoir albums will be in showcasing your favorite images from the session. I'm hoping to schedule the marathon session either the weekend of May 30-31 or June 6-7, in time for arrival just before Father's Day. If you've never considered giving your husband or partner boudoir pictures for a Father's Day gift, think again! Birthdays, anniversaries, or "just because" gifts are awesome too! I honestly don't think you need an excuse to celebrate your beauty!

E-mail me at thebondbetweenus@gmail.com for more information or to sign up!

Pricing is $180 and includes a 60-minute private session at a beautiful hotel and a 20-sided leather album to knock his socks off!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!

I love Mother's Day. Not because I'm a mom (although, I do feel that Cindy Lou is my child) but because I love love. I love all special occasions like these... not just so Hallmark can get as much money from you as possible or because florists are able to charge 100% more for the same bouquet of flowers. I love any opportunity to share and showcase the love between people.
I had so much fun this year gathering my "mom and me" pictures for this year's Mother's Day post. I smiled to myself when I realized that several were the same pose, just with different people. I love the embrace that each mother shown below shares with her child. Like a big, warm, momma bear hug!

Feel free to click on the image to enlarge it!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Remember those old booths you used to be able to sit in with your friends... it would take a series of images and put them all on one strip? You and your friends would have to fight over who got which picture!
Well, Lyndsay
Stradtner, an outstanding photographer located in Austin, Texas recently created one for other photographers to use in Photoshop! I saw it on her blog last week, and couldn't wait to use it! Here are some of my favorite images caught during the Lillis' family session last weekend!
I hope to offer these to clients along with traditional picture sizes. Wouldn't it look great hanging on your fridge?

Feel free to click the image above for a closer look!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Lillis Family

Sunday afternoon, I met up with the Lillis Family for a spring photo session. I've taken pictures the girls before, but never the family together. My favorite location lately has been going to VSU's main campus and walking around. All of my clients lately have been requesting it, and it's so much fun to challenge myself to think of new ways to present the same environment. Here are some of my favorite images from the session.

My favorite image from the session!