Friday, May 8, 2009


Remember those old booths you used to be able to sit in with your friends... it would take a series of images and put them all on one strip? You and your friends would have to fight over who got which picture!
Well, Lyndsay
Stradtner, an outstanding photographer located in Austin, Texas recently created one for other photographers to use in Photoshop! I saw it on her blog last week, and couldn't wait to use it! Here are some of my favorite images caught during the Lillis' family session last weekend!
I hope to offer these to clients along with traditional picture sizes. Wouldn't it look great hanging on your fridge?

Feel free to click the image above for a closer look!


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Shele said...

OMG I love them. they turned out sooo good. Love the one of Matt throwing Tiny in the air!!!