Monday, May 18, 2009

Krista is 4 months old!

I love families that "get" photography. I love that I get e-mails from families months in advance telling me not to forget a session coming up. I love seeing Facebook updates of families saying "pictures in an hour with Kelly... I'm so excited". I love families who are excited about photography!

The M family is this kind of family, and I love them for it! When Baby Krista was born they bought my Bloomin' Baby package which includes 4 sessions during a baby's first year, a complimentary maternity session, and an album showcasing images from all five sessions. So, I was super excited when Krista's mom and I started talking about Krista's four-month pictures.

When I got to their house Sunday morning, I saw the coolest thing ever and was excited that they wanted pictures of Krista inside of it. Krista's grandfather made a cradle for her... brought it here to Georgia, both grandpa and dad helped put it together, and stained it to match her crib. Amazing work! Here are some of Krista in her cradle:

M told me that Krista has been doing very well on her tummy lately, so I couldn't wait to capture some bobble-head action pictures of her. I was amazed at her head control, and couldn't resist sharing some of the images.

Then we did my favorite part... diaper pictures! There's something so sweet about chunky legs and belly buttons.

After a bunch of playing, Krista was knocked out. She looks like a baby-doll to me here.

And finally, a cute family shot. We were afraid to move Krista so we wouldn't wake her up, so mom and dad moved to her. :)

Thanks again, M Family, I had a fun time with you as always. See you in a few months!!


Katrina said...

Beautiful! I love the cradle and the tummy shot! Krista is getting so big! She's adorable!

Jill~n~Dominic said...

What a pretty little thing!