Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Krista!

Cuteness, with a capital C! Although she did NOT like being sans clothing, she managed to compromise with me and wear a simple white onesie for her photographic debut! I've been on a black and white kick lately, which I think is so classic for babies... so enjoy this sneak peek!

This one may be my favorite image of all time...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Talk about fresh out of the oven...

I just got an e-mail this morning saying that Mareca and Jason had their baby GIRL last night! Krista Jean made her arrival to the world, just a few days earlier than her expected due date. In fact, Mareca and Jason haven't even chosen their favorite maternity images yet!
Welcome to the world, Krista... and blog viewers make sure to be on the look out for more cuteness, as I'll be capturing Krista's first year in photographs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Eli James

Baby Eli was born on January 7th, and I had the amazing opportunity to play with him for a few hours this morning. I wanted to eat him to pieces, including his big brother, but all I managed to get away with were these images.

Eli and Daddy

Eli and Mommy

Eli and Big Brother

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tyler & Niki

Yesterday morning, despite the 32 degree weather, Tyler, Niki and myself braved the cold for a "just because" photo shoot. Tyler's mother won my auction at annual fundraiser The Haven holds in August, and gave the session to them.
We decided on the north campus at VSU for our session, and tried to incorporate more than just the traditional bridge for our pictures. We had fun walking all around and stopping at various points to see what was available.

Niki had concern that pictures would turn out a little "off" since Tyler is a foot taller than her. I reassured her that I knew exactly what she meant, since my husband and I have about the same different in height.

Since these pictures weren't for any particular occasion, I made sure to capture of a few of them individually. Tyler looks so sharp here.

And Niki is beautiful in this simple portrait.

I just had to include this image because we were laughing at how serious Tyler looks in all of his pictures... Niki tried to pull off the serious look here.

But before long she was back to her pretty smiles.

Even though it was freezing, the sun was determined to shine! I love sunflare shots, and was thrilled to capture this one!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Going once... going twice...

SOLD! I'm excited to announce that my Olympus dSLR camera is sold! A past client, and good friend, purchased it and I can't wait to show her the ropes in taking better pictures of her daughter.
This also means that I've got some extra money laying around... I think a new lens might be in store for me. Perhaps the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens will be in my camera bag soon. Cross your fingers for me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mareca & Jason

This weekend I met up with Mareca and Jason for their maternity session as they prepare for the arrival of Baby M in a few weeks. Mareca was very clear in her expectations of her maternity session to be fun and not the traditional maternity images that you typically see. I was so excited when they chose downtown Valdosta for their session! Mareca and Jason had absolutely no trouble warming up to the camera, and it was so refreshing to capture their images since I took a break in December for the holidays!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in Florida

Every three years, my family has a tradition of going to my grandparents house in Fort Lauderdale for Christmas. My mother is one of five children, so you can imagine that meeting up every year is next to impossible... so, we've made this arrangement and it's a perfect situation.
I grew up in Florida, and love returning when I can to take in all of the surroundings. Of course, it's the people that I love the most (much of my family still lives down there) but I cannot get over the beauty of South Florida.

One of the exciting things we did this trip was to take a water taxi through the intercoastal waterways to see all of the mansions in the area. I was blown away by their beauty, and distinctly remember our guide saying that one house cost $40,000 in property taxes a month. Holy cow! Here are a few images from the water taxi trip.

My husband loves fishing, and while we weren't able to go out on the water, we did go to the largest Bass Pro Shop store in the country and visit the International Fishing Hall of Fame museum. It was awesome learning about the history of fishing in Florida and about the conservation efforts that are being made to preserve the natural wildlife. They even had virtual fishing opportunities... which we had a little too much fun with! :)

Last, but not least, on my last full day in Florida I took a walk around my grandparent's condo with my camera and got some great images of flowers. Most of what you'll see are hibiscus (my favorite flower) but others are tossed in there too. I just could not get over how beautiful the landscape is!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... I'm still Christmas vacationing in Florida with my family. No images to share yet, but I promise that there are quite a few on my camera waiting for me to look at. :)
Hope you've enjoyed your holiday time, whether with friends or family, and that you've taken time to reflect on what 2009 has in store for you!