Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tyler & Niki

Yesterday morning, despite the 32 degree weather, Tyler, Niki and myself braved the cold for a "just because" photo shoot. Tyler's mother won my auction at annual fundraiser The Haven holds in August, and gave the session to them.
We decided on the north campus at VSU for our session, and tried to incorporate more than just the traditional bridge for our pictures. We had fun walking all around and stopping at various points to see what was available.

Niki had concern that pictures would turn out a little "off" since Tyler is a foot taller than her. I reassured her that I knew exactly what she meant, since my husband and I have about the same different in height.

Since these pictures weren't for any particular occasion, I made sure to capture of a few of them individually. Tyler looks so sharp here.

And Niki is beautiful in this simple portrait.

I just had to include this image because we were laughing at how serious Tyler looks in all of his pictures... Niki tried to pull off the serious look here.

But before long she was back to her pretty smiles.

Even though it was freezing, the sun was determined to shine! I love sunflare shots, and was thrilled to capture this one!

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hopeful #1 said...

Great pictures! I think my favorite is the last one. Such a neat picture!

I also adore her jacket! That green is so vibrant and striking! Love it!