Monday, June 25, 2007

Fulfilling the promise

I said I'd have more, and now I'm delivering. :)

I absolutely love the second one... it's an interesting perspective. They were all getting ready for the shot, and I noticed their reflection in a store window (which also happens to be another photographer's studio!). I thought it would be a neat image to capture.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

What do you get when you combine four amazing high school graduates and a funky photographer? Awesome pictures! =)
I've been wanting to photograph more seniors, but haven't known enough to get my name out there. E, a senior I photographed earlier in the year, was just the person I needed to help me! I e-mailed her and asked if she and her friends would like to pose for some pictures... and boy did they ever! We went all over downtown snapping away! Here's a sneak peek from their session:

More to come!

Engagements with M & A

Saturday afternoon, I met up with M & A for a great engagement session. I've been communicating with M for months via e-mail (I shot her sister's wedding in April) and it was wonderful being able to work with her! They were so lively... and up for anything. I can't wait until their wedding in December!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Feeling good...

... about today's two sessions.
I've never done two sessions back-to-back and while I don't recommend it, especially in this South Georgia heat, it actually worked! I am so P.S.Y.C.H.E.D. over these pictures. With every "click" of the camera, I could tell that things were working. And it's an amazing feeling.

Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait until tomorrow to see any images. It's 11:30 and I'm beat. :P

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Let's Get Trashed!

... not in the way that you're thinking!!
If you know anything about me, you know that I'm fun and creative. I just found out about THE coolest idea! It's called "Let's Get Trashed" and its a photo shoot where seniors are photographed to "trash" their prom dresses.

Here's the link to the official site: CLICK ME

If anyone is interested in this kind of a session, I'll waive my fees. And I'll even give you a CD of the images... as long as you let me use your photos for my sites!
Seriously, think about it. When are you ever going to wear your prom dress again?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

10-week old, Little Miss G

With every newborn session I photograph, I think to myself, "This has got to be the cutest kid ever!" Officially, I can say that Miss G is added to the list... and ranks highly on it too!
G's parents are a beautiful couple, so it was a given that she'd be a cutie too! We met up at their house this morning for some photo fun.

Here are some teasers from their session.

Miss M's 2nd Birthday!

Yesterday, I had to pleasure of photographing Miss M's 2nd birthday party. It was a lot of fun, despite the heat! Who knew that it would be scorching hot at 10AM?!!
Here's a little card I created as a little thank you for the party.

Amanda, more proofs to come!! =)

Positive Thoghts and Prayers Needed

I'm not sure how many will read this and follow through, but it's worth a shot.
A good photography friend of mine has a sweet 6-month old daughter. Last week, they found out that she has a tumor in her stomach that has taken over her adrenal gland and is very close to her heart. Little Alison will undergo surgery this Thursday, and I'm soliciting positive thoughts and prayers.
If you'd like, you can find out more information on my friend's photography blog HERE.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Before and After

The weather around here has been horrible for months, with a drought and several forest fires. For weeks on end, ash fell from the sky and littered my car with grey nastiness. The weekend before Memorial Day, I went to Atlanta to visit some friends. I took this first picture from the highway on my way back into town. It was clear skies in Atlanta and middle Georgia, and then I was SLAMMED with smoke and grossness.

We're beinning to see the light at the end of the tunnel now, hopefully. Thanks to a tropical storm,
we finally had some relief from the smoke and dry air. It finally rained... for days! Brett and I were outside over the weekend, and I captured this beautiful rainbow over our neighborhood.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It's back!

... my website, that is. I decided to erase everything and start from the beginning, and it worked just fine. Thankfully, my back-up material is in tip-top shape, and it was relatively easy!

I'm also excited to announce that I added a "featured session" portfolio to the galleries section of the website. Some clients have the misconception that photography is about capturing one or two good images, as they're so used to trying for that "perfect shot" at portrait studios. What I want you to see is that when you have an on-location session with me, it's not about capturing that perfect shot... it's about capturing life, happiness, giggles, and fun! It's about capturing TWENTY perfect shots, and not being limited to order just one pose!

The "featured session" will give you a glimpse into what the client receives as their proofs, which typically ranges from 15 to 25 images. It is with hope that you will better understand my style, and the variety of images you'll receive of your portrait session.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Website is MIA

I don't know what I did... I was updating some pictures, and it vanished. Maybe I missed my calling as a magician. Either way, I want it back.
Until then, just stick around here, and cross your fingers that I can figure out what the heck I did!