Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He did it...

... he graduated high school. I'm officially old. Officially old because I remember when he was born. I heard his first scream as he entered the world. I remember his phases growing up... Barney, the Power Rangers, his fascination with the Buffalo Bills NFL football team, his love of Japanese animation. And now he's an adult. Wow.

This weekend I took a trip up to Atlanta for his high school graduation. The event was at the hockey arena where the Atlanta Gladiators play. 700 graduates. Amazing. The entire bottom level seating was almost full. And the graduation itself was actually interesting! Amazing.

As the official photographer for the family (hahaha) I obviously brought my camera to capture Brian's big day. Here are my favorites from the collection... not only of the actual graduation, but the obligatory family pictures too. Goodness, I sound like a wedding photographer. :)

I managed to get a few portraits after his graduation party. I'm amazed that he actually cooperated. Usually he runs when I put my camera to my face... that, or gives me a funny face.

Brian and Mom

Brian and Yours Truly (the sweet picture)

The Real Sibling Picture

Brian and our grandparents

Brian, Mom, and Mom's fiance

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Robin Dees said...

What a great day!