Friday, April 18, 2008


Many who know my history with photography are familiar that I started out with interest in landscape photography. My mom loves landscape photography and for as long as I can remember, every family vacation dragged on longer because of having to stop along the road for pictures. Of course, I now appreciate this aspect of my mother... but at the time, I didn't like it.

On Tuesday afternoon, I took the trek from Valdosta to Columbus for a conference. I was so excited to (1) drive someplace I've never been and (2) to go alone. Meaning, I could stop along the road and not have anyone roll their eyes or huff and puff at my interest in stopping. :)

Here are a few pictures from my travels.

Technically, the picture below is not in Columbus. It's the Dawson Courthouse that is being restored (hence only showing you the tower area), a TINY town between Columbus and Albany.

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Kellis said...

I've always loved your landscapes Kelly! And these are no different, great job!!