Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Love Your Photographer

While looking at fellow photographer Scarlett Lillian's blog today, I saw an article she recently wrote for Photographik - a website based for photographers to network together. The article is titled, "Dear Brides, Love Your Photographer" and I wanted to share the LINK with you all. Even if you're not planning a wedding, please take time to read this. If you're planning a wedding, you've GOT to read it!
I appreciate the emphasis the article puts on the relationship between the client and the photographer. I don't think that people understand it's importance and the difference it makes between a good photograph and an amazing keepsake.
Think about your last photographic experience. What did it involve? Did you develop more than a "thanks, goodbye" relationship with your photographer? Do you remember what his/her name was? The kind of photography I'm interested in, and what Scarlett talks about in her article, is developing a bond between yourself and your photographer.... so that on your wedding day, you're not meeting a stranger to capture your wedding images. You're inviting a friend to join with you in celebration. Or if you're planning a family photo shoot, that you're being joined by someone who is like "one of the family" to help you create beautiful memories.
A photographic experience is more than saying cheese, exchanging money, and getting photo images. If that's all you remember, I invite you to re-experience the journey.


Anonymous said...

I think my family felt what you were talking about for our photo session. Trey want to know when Miss Kelly is going to play with him again at the park :)

-Melissa McNicol

Kellis said...

I love my photographer!

Lindsi Jones Photography said...

I think that was the best blog post I have ever read!