Saturday, April 5, 2008

McNicol Family

Last Saturday, the McNicol family and I met up at McKey Park for a family portrait session. I posted one image from the session the other day, but felt that this family deserved more than one showcased picture. I had a wonderful time, and I think this happened because of how much they love and have fun with one another.
So many of my family sessions consist of dad being dragged along because mom wants pictures. The kids are sometimes fussy and want to play more than have their picture taken. The McNichols were a dream! When we were wrapping up the session, I even heard Mr.Nicol say, "This is better than I expected". (Score one for the photographer!!)

As promised the other day, here are a few more images to share:

Melissa, Look for an e-mail from me this evening... because your proofs are ready!

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