Saturday, April 12, 2008


Katrina has almost popped! Here she is (along with her husband Mike) for their "real" maternity shoot. If you're a loyal blog follower, you're used to seeing Katrina's belly by now. The next time you see it, it'll actually be a baby. :)
Taking pictures of any kind for people that I know is a bit anxiety-provoking... taking maternity pictures for my best friend and her husband made is 300 times more stressful.
Here are a few from their session... both at home, and in downtown Valdosta.

Many maternity clients think that their home is the only place for a maternity photo shoot. Hopefully these images will change your mind, and you'll be more apt to venturing into other locations.
If you're pregnant and are interested in a maternity session, I'd LOVE to chat with you about your interest. We can even do what we did with Katrina and Mike here... do some pictures in a number of locations. Typically, maternity shoots are best done between 34-37 weeks. Katrina was at week 35 for this session.


Kellis said...

Kelly, these are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much, you did great, you had nothing the stress over! And everyone at work loves the teasers! :)

G&D said...

Incredible pictures Kelly! Please move to Madison, WI so you can take maternity pics for me when I get pregnant! I love them!!