Monday, June 15, 2009


Emma has been a shining star on my blog during 2009... here and here. But what you see aren't pictures just for her, they've always centered around others. With the addition of her baby sister, Emma's grandmother wanted to give her something special of her own. That something special was a photo shoot with me.
Let me tell you. I couldn't have had more fun. Emma is sassy. To the point of making me blush. She posed like America's Next Top Model, made suggestions for where I should take her picture and "worked it" better than some of the girls I've seen on ANTM before. And what's even funnier is that she's only FIVE! Here are some of my favorite images from our session together on Saturday afternoon. I can't wait to dig in and edit the rest!

Something about this moody image is one of my favorites. It was raining and we took cover under a tree.

Seriously... this is her looking "sexy". I laughed uncontrollable when she said that!

Emma just lost her first tooth!

This is how old Miss Emma will be in a few weeks...

At the end, I asked Emma if she wanted a picture with me... she said yes, as long as she could pose me. So, here it is! :)

Leslie and Ike, thanks for being such troopers and walking all over downtown Valdosta. It was so fun to go through the alleys with Emma... hahaha!

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Leslie Barton said...

Thanks for a great session Kelly!! Emma loves the one of her in the sunglasses. The minute we got home, she was standing by the computer jumping up and down while she was waiting for me to bring them up. Mom loves the "Moody" pic and swears Emma looks like a model.

So, as usual, I am already getting rave reviews and all the pics aren't even finished. :-)