Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trash the (Prom) Dress Casting Call

When I was in high school (senior year, specifically) I loved my prom dress. It wasn't anything like what I had pictured in my mind before shopping, but once I saw it and put it on there was no turning back. I loved the way it looked... and I loved the way I looked wearing it. I had a blast at my prom, but I wish I had more than just the traditional pictures to show the way I felt wearing it. Here's a chance for you to avoid feeling the way I did!

I'm in the mood for something fun and funky this summer. Almost two years ago I joined up with some local photographers for what was affectionately named "The South Georgia Trashing". I gave my wedding dress to a friend of mine, my best friend an extra bridesmaids dress I had, and another friend joined in with her own white formal dress... and we went down to the river for a "trash the dress" session. Go HERE to check those images out.

Okay, so where do you come in? I'm looking for a high school (or newly graduated) girl to participate in a Trash the (Prom) Dress session. I only have three requirements: You must be fun. You must be adventurous. You must like your picture taken.

In exchange for use of the images in my portfolio, you'll get a rockin' fun afternoon being the center of attention with my camera, as well as a print credit to choose your favorites! If you're interested, please e-mail me pronto and let's talk about good days and times for you!

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