Monday, June 22, 2009

Carol & David : Married

Saturday morning, I had the honor of watching my mom get married to a wonderful man. They didn't want an extravagant wedding... rather one that reflected their personalities and interests. Their love for the outdoors and a desire for a simple and happy life together was apparent by having a small, beautiful wedding in the backyard.
Though I wasn't a hired photographer, I couldn't help but bring my camera along to document her special day. There are a lot of favorites, so don't be surprised that it's image overload in this post. :) Congratulations you two!

My favorite ring shot of all time.

Carol and David had a harpist play during the ceremony and a portion of the reception. It was so pretty!

David and the minister patiently wait for the bride.

So excited to see her groom!

Sweet details...

A simple detail shot that I absolutely love!

A moving prayer before being announced as husband and wife.

After the ceremony, everyone feasted on an amazing spread of barbecued food. It was delicious! We laughed, talked, and ended the event with homemade ice cream (since David doesn't like cake!) Later in the day, we snuck away for a few sunset pictures. I love the one below.

I love this series... for not liking being in the spotlight, these two know how to work the camera!

A modern version of the traditional image. Since the wedding was on a farm, I couldn't NOT take this picture!


Leslie Barton said...

Too cute! I am sure they were super excited to have you capture these memories. They look sooo happy!

Stephanie said...

What gorgeous pictures! These are some of my favorites you've ever done, Kelly. THey're a lucky couple to have you capture that day for them.

Katrina said...

That must have been so special for you, I can see it in your pictures. And these are such sweet images for your mom to be able to see the ceremony through your eyes. They are all perfect. Congrats Carol! And I LOVE the modern-traditional picture! What a cool idea!

Hamlett Daily Dose said...

These are AWESOME, Kelly!

joec (your bro) said...

congrats . . . carol and david !

Mandy said...

Great pictures Kelly and I'm so glad it was a good weekend. Her dress is so pretty!

Robin said...

Kelly these are great, so special for you and your family, you gave such a great eye! Love the ones on the dock, a must have! I know your mom cannot wait to see them all. I love these it makes me think about getting shots this weekend down at our lake!

Angela Brooks said...

Congrats Carol ! These pictures are so good - the love radiates from them. Thank you for sharing