Thursday, June 11, 2009

I can see you..... and a prize!

About a month ago, I signed up for Sitemeter which is a website that tracks visits to other websites. Each week I get a spiffy e-mail that tells me how many people visit my blog, where they come from, and who they were referred by. It's totally awesome. If you have a blog or a website I definitely recommend signing up for it.
With that said, I'm totally overwhelmed at the number of people who visit this blog. Sometimes I think that no one reads it... :) If you read this blog, tell me here. How did YOU get here? How did you find out about The Bond Between Us? Leave a comment on this post.
Be rest-assured that you'll be seeing a lot of action on here in the next few weeks. I've got at least one session a week, and often one for each weekend day. And while that means a lot of work for me, it also means that you'll be seeing a lot of cuteness on here!

Oh, I did mention a prize... didn't I? Leave a comment in this post tell me hello, how you got to this blog, who you were referred by, what you're looking forward to the most this summer, whatever. I don't care. You could even tell me what you had for breakfast.
On Friday, I'll randomly select a commenter and he/she will receive a gift card to Bruster's Ice Cream! And, unless you live in the middle of nowhere, I know you have one near you. If it happens that you don't, let me know... we'll figure out something.


Felicia Frazier said...

Good morning... I found your site through a facebook friend. Her name is Leslie. She had the most adorable pics on her page that you had taken and from there I found your page. I bookmarked the page and go back to it often just to see what pics you've taken! Your work is amazing and I enjoy your page!

- Felicia Frazier

Anonymous said...

Hey it's me- you dont have to pick me as I look everyday, today I had a Nutra Grain bar for bkfast and have (what I think as the cutest Xmas tree kid ever)! Can you guess who I am!

Leslie Barton said...

Hey! It's me! I think I look everyday too. I just can't stay away. You know how "crazy about Kelly" I am. Now that I know you can see everytime I look, I kindof feel like a stalker! LOL Oh's hard not to look, when my cute babies show up on the page from time to time, as I am sure they will next week as well. Thanks for all the great photos! I can't wait until Saturday!

One Pork Chop said...

Yo, Kel, just stopping by to leave a little love.


There's no such thing as Bruster's in my area. Fo' shame.

Lindsi Jones said...

I check your blog because I know you ;-), and sometimes you are my rock'in second shooter.

I need to do this on my blog. I feel like you are the only one that ever visits it.

hopeful #1 said...

I think that I found you through Leah, but I'm not 100% sure on that one.

I'm Jill, it's nice to meet you! Thank you for blogging and keeping it light and fun!

You have a great blog!

Katrina said...

Hi, we are BFFs and that is how I found your page, referred by you. You did an amazing job on my couples pics, maternity pics, and newborn pics. I was most looking forward to seeing you and having toddler pics done, but now that is shot down, I am just happy to be seeing family. This morning for bfast I surprised Mike with bfast in bed - aka- Burger king drive thru. And sadly, there are no brusters in japan...or NY!

Kelly said...

Hey Kelly,
I missed your contest, and I DO live in the middle of nowhere, but I wanted to let you know that I visit your blog regularly. I "follow" it through google. I was out of town all last week, and should be updating my own blog, but am catching up with the 4 blogs I follow instead.