Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Relay for Life

Last Friday evening, Brett and I joined thousands of others at the Valdosta Middle School track for Relay for Life. I always enjoy going there, even if just for an hour or two, and joining in the celebration over the fight for cancer. What I love most is that everyone seems so passionate about this cause, and the money raised goes straight to research.
Each year, there is a different theme. Last year's theme was "Games", and this year's theme was "Holidays". I loved walking around to see what each organization came up with and how they decorated.

* SIDENOTE: Please disregard the lack of photographic excellence in the below pictures. :) I only took my point-and-shoot camera.*

Here are the ladies of the Valdosta Junior Women's Club, with a Mardi Gras display. I loved that there was a little boy dressed up like a court jester!

I didn't catch the name of this organization, but I loved their interpretation of the Chinese New Year

Lastly, you gotta love the play on words here... Get Crackin' for a Cure! :)

We stayed just long enough to watch the Survivor's Lap, where all of the cancer survivors in Valdosta were invited to walk a lap around the track with their families. It was very emotional.

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Shannon P. said...

I love your work! I went to your web site and wish I had known about you 3yrs ago to capture my baby belly! I love the VJWC camp site pic- I worked very hard on it!Loving every minute of it-the court Jester was my son. The coolest 11yr you will ever meet. I WILL use you in the near future for family pics. You are have a TRUE gift! God Bless- Shannon Pierce