Sunday, May 11, 2008

Olivia Grace

Olivia was born Wednesday morning to my best friend Katrina and her husband Mike. I've had the awesome pleasure of being able to photograph the progress of her growth through Katrina's belly, and I'm so excited to be able to track her growth beyond birth.
I've never photographed a baby so fresh... Olivia is just 4 days old! She's so tiny, and I'm so in love with her.

Here are a few favorites from our session this afternoon:

Usually, I like newborns best when they're asleep. Olivia, however, wasn't having any of that and preferred to be awake. Lucky for me, she was able to make eye contact.

I love her tiny feet! And how the third toe kind of bends to hide behind the others.

Olivia was showing some major tongue, and I just love this expression.

Finally, this was one of my last shots, but perhaps my favorite. I had packed up my stuff and was getting ready to leave when Olivia finally crashed. Katrina had swaddled her in a cute blanket, and I unpacked my gear and a black blanket and capture her cuteness.


Anonymous said...

YEA KELLY! I love these pics! The last is my FAV! You rock!!!!

Beth Baker

Jill Higgins said...

Awww...congrats Katrina! She is such a pretty baby! I love the last one! :)

I am a... said...

She is sooo adorable Kelly! :)

Kellis said...

I love these shots!! Olivia says they are perfect! Thanks so much for're the best photographer!!

Shannon P. said...

Congrats Katrina! She is so precious! Enjoy every minute!