Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog Contest!

I've been working more on my branding lately; how I present my materials to clients (contracts, pricing information, etc.) and how I want potential clients to see me.
One of the things that I get continually stuck on is names for my packages. I'm usually the creative one, but I ain't got nothin' when it comes to this!
I'm so desperate that this is what I've come up with, as a little play on my business name The Bond Between Us:

- Tape (most basic package)
- Rubber Cement
- Duct Tape
- Super Glue (most elaborate package)

However, something tells me that it doesn't sound very exciting or professional to order the "Rubber Cement" wedding package.... did you get it? :)

In an effort to come up with some better ideas, I'm holding a Blog Contest! I'm in need of four package names... related to weddings in general or something to do with relationships and "bonds". The winner of this contest will receive $20 in FREE Brusters Ice Cream.
Why Brusters, you might ask? Because it's the best place on earth, especially during the summertime!
So between now and next Thursday, June 5th at midnight, post your ideas in the Comment section. The winner will be announced Saturday morning!


Jill Higgins said...

1. I'm Paying
2. We're Paying.
3. Daddy's Paying.

Or maybe...

Or maybe
1. Shackle
2. Stuck
3. Retain

:D hahaha

So...I'm no good at package names, but I love ice cream. I'll be thinking!

Anonymous said...

Stuck on You
Holding on Forever
Together for Eternity
Forever One Soul

Hummm....that is about all I can think of right now. good luck!!
-kdoo14 (Keri from the Photo Board)

Lindsi Jones Photography said...

Jill's names are great! Maybe I should use those as my package names. LOL!

Here are mine

"At first sight"
"True love"
"Tender Moments"
"Forever yours"

I didn't name my packages I just listed them by price.

Anonymous said...

Elope Package – basic, no frills but proof we did it

Our Day Package –

Memories In the Making Package –

Dreams Come True Package –

Since I’m your momma, I’m disqualified --- but wanted to play anyway!! I’m so very proud of YOUR dreams coming true in being a successful photographer.

Lots o’ love

Jennifer said...

OK...something like...

just dating
going steady
newlywed (or 'til death do us part)
50th anniversary

(I know that's five, but it gives you some ideas.)
BTW...this is reminding me of the size names at Cold Stone Creamery...Like It, Love It, and Gotta Have It!

jen (PhotoBoard)

Heather said...



those words are related to bonds b/w people..

That's all I got!

Heather from the photoboard