Friday, August 28, 2009


Serenity is what I feel when I'm at Stone Mountain Park. Sure, there are a ton of people around during most parts of the year, but spending time among nature within a huge city is amazing to me. I can always find peace and quiet off the beaten path.
After George and Lauren's engagement session last weekend, I stayed behind to take in the peacefulness that was around me. I walked around some, drove around some, and took pictures.

So what do you think about the big pictures... pretty cool, eh?


Robin said...

ooommmggg THOSE pics are awesome, love them, so peaceful, relaxing, maybe would even consider some pics or canvases for an office that I know of, these would be great, love the new BLOG, love the dots, seemed distracting at first but then actually drew my eye back to the pics! your such a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

This pictures are awesome. So beautiful. Makes me feel like I was actually there.