Friday, July 4, 2008

Gray's Run Hunting Lodge: Pennsylvania

In June, my husband and I took his grandmother to her family reunion near Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I blogged about our trip a little bit HERE when I posted about the Georgia Aquarium, but never gave any informaiton after that.
Pennsylvania is such a gorgeous state, and these pictures barely given justice to the beautiful surroundings we experienced during our trip. Gray's Run is a hunting lodge in the middle of a mountain, a little out from Williamsport. Brett's grandmother's family rented it out for the weekend and I can guarantee that everyone had a good time.

One of the best things for me was that there was no distraction of the internet, phone calls (there wasn't any cell service) and practically no television. It was just us and nature. Here's what I captured during the vacation. If you're a blog reader from the South Georgia area, you'll notice that it looks completely different from our environment. I could hardly believe that parts of this world actually have cold temperatures in June. :)


Shannon P. said...

Hey Kelly! These pictures are beautiful! I keep looking at them over and over! They look so perfect! Smile! God has blessed you with endless talent!

Kelly said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the email letting us know you added them. I was checking in every day or so for a while, but got distracted. I wish we had been able to be there, but it's on the agenda for 2010!

Great b'day card for Michael, btw! ;)


Becky said...

I love these shots! Especially the two B&W ones. There is a really cool feeling to the first one!

Jen said...

Hey Kelly! You did a really nice job with thse and PA definitely IS a beautiful part of the country. Great job, there is something about the boat in the water (b/w) shot that I really like!

Anonymous said...

My parents were caretakers of the Grays Run club which afforded me the opportunity to grow up there. I have never known any peace like I experienced there. 1978 to 1981. Nice to hear it remains the same.

Steven Hill

Anonymous said...

I can't hardly believe I came across these photos. I spent every weekend for many years as a child. My grandparents, the Chesnuts, were the caretakers there for many year, and after them, my aunt and uncle. I remember falling down a really, really steep back staircase, playing hide and seek, swimming in the creeks and riding my bike all over. Heck I think the last time I saw it with my own eyes was easily over twenty years ago. Geese would nest on the island in the center of the pond, i can actually remember the layout of the place if I think about it. But seeing a picture of Gray's run on here has brought back a ton of memories