Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Desiree & Stephen : Hitched!

Saturday morning I drove down to Gainesville, Florida to photograph Desiree and Stephen's wedding. In April we met up for their engagement session and it was then that I knew their wedding would be awesome! They have an adorable chemisty, and are such fun people to be around.
Though rain threatened to bring our spirits down in the afternoon, it finished before the ceremony. Besides, even if it did sprinkle... rain is good luck, right? I've got so many images to sort through of their wedding, so I'll break it up into a few posts over the next few days. Here we'll start with the beginning of the day... with the location, hair and make-up, and a few details.

Desiree and Stephen's wedding ceremony was held at the First United Methodist Church in Gainesville

The reception was held at the Thomas Center, right down the street from the church (you might remember this location from their engagement pictures)

When I got into town, I met Desiree and her bridesmaids at the JCPenney Salon in Oaks Mall where they got their hair done. Roland and the girls took great care of everyone, and their hair looked beautiful! (You can click on this image to see it larger)

Desiree's flowers were beautiful... and I even heard that Stephen picked everything out. I was so impressed that Stephen took an active role in wedding planning... I'm sure it make the process much more smooth and special doing things together

And finally, a few details of the bride's and groom's attire

Remember to check back in the next few days for more images from Desiree and Stephen's wedding. Desiree and Stephen, thank you so much for allowing me to capture the magic of your special day. You have so many wonderful family and friends supporting your marriage!


Stephanie W. said...

I am so excited to see the rest of the pictures! I was so glad Desiree picked such a nice photographer to spend the day with us!

Lindsi Jones Photography said...

I really like the one with all the flowers in the window. Thats a nice shot!