Monday, July 20, 2009

Etsy... like Betsy, without the B.

That's how I pronounce Etsy to others... like Betsy, without the B. Etsy is a wonderful online craft community and if you've never gone there, I invite you to do it now. Not when you're finished reading this post. Not when you've finished reading this paragraph. Now. Go. Etsy is a slightly obsession for me last year around the holidays. I always put a lot of thought into my Christmas gifts (admittedly, probably too much) and when I stumbled upon Etsy, I was in heaven. Almost every person who received a gift from me last year for Christmas got something that was purchased on Etsy.

Sidenote... you're probably asking yourself "Why is this photographer blabbing on about crafts and Christmas?" Read on, I promise you'll understand in a second.

I'm telling you about Etsy because I have an online store there. A store of a lot of things, but partly a store of my nature pictures. I named it Craft Therapea because crafts (photography, art, sewing, or otherwise) is my therapy to reduce stress in my life. Check it out: Remember
this post about seashells? You can buy them in my store. Remember this post about the Kentucky landscape? Yep, you can buy them too. Remember this post about Grand Bay? You can buy some of my waterlily images there. Remember this post about my experience at the Butterfly Rainforest. They're there too.

Even cooler is that now through Friday at midnight (Eastern time), I'm offering a big discount on my Etsy store. Order anything and everything and receive it all for just $1 shipping. It's a nice savings for one item, but you really save when you buy more! Buy more, save more. It's that simple. Whether you just decided to make-over your guest bathroom and are in need of that "perfect picture", or find something that would be perfect for a relative at Christmas... mosey over there and check it out! If you happen to be interested in something, simply include "I saw this on your blog" in the notes secton of your order form, and I'll return your shipping costs less $1.

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