Monday, April 13, 2009

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is a Lutheran church in the Atlanta area. My husband's step-father is the pastor there, and has been for several years. Ever since we began dating (almost 9 years ago) I've visited this church for worship when we're in town. I've been in that sanctuary too many times to count. Yet not until a recent trip to Atlanta did I see this piece of art.
Randy, Brett's step-father, asked me to take a few pictures of a stained glass piece that was constructed by the founding members of the congregation. I was amazed at its size, and fascinated with the meaning behind it. I can picture all of them working together, piece by piece, to fashion this breath-taking artwork.

While there, I also took advantage of the empty sanctuary and took a few shots of the alter and the other stained glass works of art. I love the natural light shining in on the alter in this first image.

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Katrina said...

This is so weird that you did this. During the worship service of my bible study I've been staring at the beautiful stained glass window/wall, thinking of what a great picture it would make. You've now inspired me to actually make a point and go and take some shots of it and see what comes out. I love your shots, esp the sanctuary.