Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Drumroll please...

Hearing about people in need, especially around the holidays, turns me into a complete sap... so it's no surprise that when I read the submissions I received for the Giving is Awesome project, I cried at each one. I wish I could offer everyone who e-mailed me a free session and products but after a lot of deliberation, I finally decided on a winner!

Congratulations Roberts Family!

And just because the message pulled my heart strings, here's a blurb from the e-mail I received: "Please accept this as a nomination for my brother and his family… it is excruciating to watch your family member or loved one go through circumstances that seem impossible and that are out of your control to change in any way… I want him to never forget that people love them, people care about them, and that God has not forgotten them.”

I can't wait to get our session scheduled and share the images!! Stayed tuned within the next few months.

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