Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now Booking Holiday "Mini" Portrait Specials

**Thanks for being so patient as I work through this no internet issue. Hopefully things will be settled this week, and I'll be able to resume my addictive behavior of internet surfing. :) **

I'm so excited about my Holiday "Mini" Portrait Specials. I've decided to do things a little different this year, and I'm hoping that it will be easier for both clients and me in preparing for the holidays! See the information below and contact me soon by phone or e-mail to schedule a session.... you'll see I'm only offering these specials on specific days, so reserving your spot now is a good idea!

Price: $150

Holiday "Mini" Portrait Sessions include:
- 30 minute photo session
- 10-15 proofs on a private online gallery
- 5 high-resolution images on CD
- 10% off all prints and products

- Saturday, October 11
- Sunday, October 19

Rules and other limitations:
Mini-sessions are only available on the dates listed above. All session fees are due at the time of booking to reserve your time slot. Mini-sessions are only available for individuals, couples, and families with up to 4 persons. Larger families are more than welcome to schedule a session for holiday pictures, but because of timing restrictions will have to schedule a regular session to allow ample time for large groups.

If you've had a session in the past year and are interested in using one of your images for holiday cards, please contact me for a special "Card Only" price. And, one more super special deal... if you are interested in booking a mini-session and book your session with a friend, you each will receive an extra image on CD.


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