Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Me... behind the camera.

A few weeks ago, a great group of local Valdosta area photographers got together for food and photography gossip. We try to do this every few months, and I'm excited about making it a regular thing. I was super excited about this one because there had been talk about doing headshots of one another since we're always behind the camera shooting other people.
Even though it was raining that day, Jill's house has an awesome little courtyard area that we were able to sneak into while the weather lightened up to a drizzle. I can't remember the last time I had a good picture of me taken. I can't pick a favorite of the bunch, but a few of them are over on her BLOG and I invite you to take a look!

Okay, even though I said I don't have a favorite, I love this one!


Katrina said...

I LOVE it!! And its nice to see a picture of you...its almost been a month since I've seen you! :(

Jen said...

AWESOME! She did a great job I love this pic of you!!!!!!!