Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is it too late to change my mind?

I've had a lot of clients interested in my mini-sessions for the holidays. I've been playing around with some greeting card templates, and have realized that I might have chosen something in error.
Typically, I've offered 4x8 sized greeting cards and have really liked them. However, last night I was playing around with an option for 5x7 cards.... and LOVED the look. Unfortunately, I can't simply replace my offer for 5x7 cards instead of 4x8 (the cards cost a tiny bit more). But I CAN offer another holiday package!

So, let's do this. I'll offer both the 4x8 and 5x7 packages for the mini-holiday shoots. For each package you'll get 30 minutes of shooting time, 50 personalized greeting cards plus envelopes, and an opportunity to order other prints. The prices will just vary somewhat (but believe me, it's worth it!)

4x8 Package: $75
5x7 Package: $100

$50 will be due at the time of the session, with your remaining balance due at the time of ordering. Final proofs will be ready 5-7 days following your session, and orders are due within 10 days of proof publishing. Sessions not ordered from within the 10 day timeframe will be taken off proofing website and will be subject to a $15 republishing fee. (Look at it this way though, ordering greeting cards now will keep you on track this holiday season!)

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