Friday, October 12, 2007

Baby Trip is Here!

I just got back from the hospital... Baby Trip is here!
About three weeks ago, I took Erin's maternity pictures (
link viewed here) and ever since I have been waiting for his arrival. I was only able to see him through glass in the nursery, but I plan to go back after work today for some real pictures.
He's absolutely perfect. You know how some babies (let's be honest) don't exactly look like babies? More like aliens or little old men? Trip looks like a baby... and he's perfect in every way!

Be looking soon for a slew of pictures from him. A little bird told me that his grandma looks at my site daily to see if I post any new pictures... :) Thanks, Grandma, for your support!!! Your new baby is absolutely breathtaking!

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Donna said...

This did you know I would check this site tonight. Today was the most terrifying and magnificent day of my life. Trip is here and doing fine. Erin is feeling better tonight after a much deserved rest tonight. Trip looks just like his daddy in that picture. I told Erin everything would be okay because they have the best guardian angel looking down on them. Thank you for all you do for Erin. I can not wait to see the rest of the pictures.