Thursday, December 17, 2009

Colten is 11 months!

Actually... he's almost one. But at this session last month, he was still a baby. :) After next weekend, he'll be a big boy. Hard to believe, right? Our session almost didn't happen, though. It had to be re-scheduled a few times due to weather. And on the day of the session, we almost had to cancel again. It was dark and rainy... not something that a natural light, on-location photographer enjoys. At the last minute, Colten's mom thought to use her business's lobby for our session, and it turned out to be wonderful!
I love spending time with clients who purchase my baby plan. I love nothing more than hanging out with them, playing silly games, and hearing little baby laughs. (I also like being able to give them back to their parents when we're done... haha!) Here are some of my favorites from Colten's session.

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