Saturday, April 28, 2007

Flourescent Tuxes and Horrible Lighting...

As I finalize my plans for this evening's wedding, I thought I'd take a break and recap the terrible dream that I had last night.
I was 30 minutes late to the wedding, took only about a hand-full of pre-ceremony pictures, the guys had on tuxes in different flourescent colors, and there was horrible lighting. As in, none of my pictures came out.
Thankfully, I woke up... and then realized that I've just got to relax!!! =)

I hope to be able to share some AWESOME images from this wedding with you all. I'm really excited, and the bride & groom have been fantastic to work with so far! Cross your fingers for me!!!

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Jen said...

hehe, it happens! Just take deep breaths and think positive thoughts..Have fun & can't wait to see them!